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an integrative approach to rehab

The approach of Genesis Treatment Solutions is based on a multi-disciplinary, integrative method of addiction treatment that goes beyond existing models to focus on the development and healing of the whole person.

We take into account the psyche, physical, spiritual and cognitive needs of each client.

To create a uniquely holistic model that informs our treatment programs, Genesis Treatment Solutions uses a number of therapeutic modalities that include:

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
Positive Psychology
Psychodynamic Therapy
Gestalt Therapy

These approaches, in conjunction with the 12 Step Minnesota Model, provide clients with the additional social and spiritual support they need during the recovery process.

the genesis facility

the home of ethical addiction treatment

Located in the leafy suburb of Constantia, Cape Town, South Africa, Genesis Treatment Solutions hosts clients in a tranquil, private and secure location. Our extensive grounds offer beautiful views across the Cape Peninsula while maintaining a therapeutic environment where clients can recover in privacy.

Secure access control with a 24-hour armed response unit ensures that clients and their families can rest assured that safety is one of our primary concerns. In addition to facility security, we also offer 24-hour medical support services.
With a variety of spaces for groups, individual therapy, quiet reflection and community activities, the Genesis Treatment Solutions facility creates a contemporary, engaging and safe environment.

the genesis activities

taking treatment into the world

In addition to the therapeutic programme, Genesis Treatment Solutions offers clients a host of activities that promote a holistic lifestyle in order to maintain bio-psycho-social and spiritual health.

Each day starts and ends with meditation that creates a calm and mindful environment for healing. Physical activities such as yoga, boot camp cardio exercises, hiking, group-based sports and surfing excursions introduce clients to engaging and healthy activities that can be enjoyed throughout their stay and well beyond.

Once a week, a community outing sees the clients explore the breathtaking landscape that Cape Town has to offer with activities such as hiking, exploring local places of interest that have an educational aspect or visiting historical sites.

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