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By engaging clients on their own terms, Genesis Treatment Solutions meets individuals where they are and creates a programme that takes them to where they need to be.

Our English language based programme strives for in-depth and individualised therapy. Based on the needs of the client, life issues such as trauma, grief, anxiety and depression will be addressed as part of the client’s treatment plan.

The therapeutic programme builds on existing addiction treatment models and enhances the upliftment of individuals through specialised therapeutic tools such art therapy, DBT, role play and Positive Psychology.

In order to give every client the best chance at long-term recovery from addiction, Genesis Treatment Solutions utilises interactive observation and feedback situations. This creates an environment that equips clients with communication skills and cognitive tools necessary to deal with difficult situations effectively.

What sets our treatment programme apart?

1. Positive Psychology

We ask the client, “Who do you want to be and how are you going to get there?” Then we help the client to become who they want to be, from where they are.

This unique strengths-based approach is used in all individual as well as group therapy settings and assists in building a new person, creating an individual sense of value and worth for every client.

2. Education

We believe that a strong knowledge base empowers each client to understand his/her own addiction, while strengthening relapse prevention.

We aim to educate our clients through a comprehensive series of lectures covering Addiction Theory, Relapse Prevention, Emotional Intelligence, Health and Harm Reduction, Dialectical and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Communication Skills.

In addition, we offer clients interactive education and training in healthy diets – from how to plan meals to preparing healthy and nutritious food. This is facilitated by our trained on-site chef, ensuring that every client leaves with the knowledge and skills needed to lead a holistically healthy life.

3. Life skills

Genesis Treatment Solutions also offers comprehensive life skills training to equip each client for life, work and daily challenges.

Through an occupational therapy process, clients are equipped with skills, from CV building to interviewing, to pursue and achieve a successful career that incorporates their individual strengths.

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