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At Genesis Treatment Solutions, we extend our therapeutic ethos to include our environment.

Just as we believe in the development of healthy, balanced and sustainable lifestyles, we aim to create a facility that minimises our impact on the ecological resources available, while providing facilities and service security to all our staff and clients.

Genesis Treatment Solutions is a water neutral facility that eliminates the need for municipal water supply. We achieve this through the meticulous capturing of every drop of rainwater, which is then stored and sanitised for consumption. This means that, even though we are located in the water scarce Western Cape, we will not be affected by drought conditions.

In addition to our water saving initiatives, we have also implemented a recycling project where all refuse generated by our facility is carefully separated and recycled.

By being fully committed to maintaining an ecologically sustainable facility with minimal environmental impact, we are also educating our clients through active participation in our programme. Cultivating healthy habits that extend beyond substance behaviour broadens the horizon of communal involvement for each individual.

We believe that this empowers our clients to give back to their communities while staying with us and beyond.

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