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Our offering consists of distinct services that are available apart from the inpatient treatment programme. We tailor treatment to individual needs.

Each client is received by an accredited addiction professional and a registered nurse who conduct a detailed assessment to determine the exact treatment programme required to help him/her to recover from addiction.

During the assessment, the client’s individual needs are discussed. The client is assessed, based on the nature and severity of his/her addiction, duration of addiction, motivation for change, underlying psychological diagnosis, psychological strengths, personal assets and social support structures.

Depending on the abovementioned factors, it will be determined whether the client is best suited for inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, individual counselling and support or post treatment support.

in-patient treatment

1. individual
and group counselling

Our therapy and counselling programme approaches each client as an individual, from assessment to discharge. Individual therapy is based on a strong trauma and grief process that allows the client to work through the past in order to unlock his or her future.

At Genesis Treatment Solutions, the goal is a lifelong change in behaviour. In order to establish the foundation of every client’s success, we integrate positive psychology every step of the way.

This strength-based approach offers the opportunity to discover and build the ideal future version of the client by creating a sense of value and worth. We offer each client bespoke solutions that reflect their individual needs and programme placement.

2.educational lectures

In order to create the most effective long-term treatment, our counselling programme is supported through detailed and individualised psychoeducation to ensure that clients have the knowledge they need to understand and overcome their personal challenges.

We offer clients extensive interactive seminars on the basic understanding of addiction, relapse prevention, core concepts of developing a sense of self and communication tools and exercises.

In order to empower our clients, we offer unique workshops based on observation and feedback that role-play real world interactions, including professional and family environments.

3. sporting and
recreational activities

As an integrated treatment facility, Genesis promotes the development and maintenance of healthy habits, creating extensive opportunities for physical activities that offer clients the chance to build lifelong passions for a healthy psyche.

Our facility offers a variety of sporting and recreational activities, including:

In addition to the activities that can be enjoyed at our facility, we also offer client excursions that take the community surfing, hiking and swimming in the ocean.

individual counselling


Not all of our clients meet the criteria for inpatient addiction care. As such, Genesis Treatment Solutions offers individual and family outpatient counselling and recovery coaching.

As part of our commitment to ongoing professional relationships, Genesis Treatment Solutions offers a series of psycho-educational lectures (CPD points pending).

post treatment support

Our Post Treatment Support programme is specifically designed to reinforce, solidify and complement our clients’ Foundation of Recovery in ways that will benefit and assist them in dealing with the day-to-day challenges of life.

In essence, it is about the creation of a safe space and platform for clients to share their struggles and accomplishments and allows them the opportunities to gain valuable insight and guidance from others who are also walking the journey of recovery.

The Post Treatment Support Group is facilitated by one of our Addictions Counsellors who has firsthand experience of the benefits of working a Recovery Programme. This ensures that the clients achieve maximum benefit from this component of recovery.

Please contact us via telephone, email or website for further information.

The Post Treatment Support Group takes place on a Tuesday evening from 17:15 to 18:15. This group is open to anyone who needs additional support after completing a treatment program at any addiction facility.

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