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Genesis Treatment Solutions 

A Holistical Approach to Rehab

Genesis Treatment Solutions offer a forward-thinking approach to comprehensive and effective addiction treatment through individualised, ethical and holistic therapeutic models and professional healthcare.

We draw on a wealth of collective experience to offer services grounded in well-established practices while providing professional and comprehensive service every step of the way.


Why choose Genesis Treatment Solutions as your Rehab facility?

An integrative approach

“Who do you want to
be and how are you
going to get there?”

The Genesis substance abuse treatment programme is tailor-made to meet the individual needs of every client by providing an integrative approach to addiction treatment grounded in well-established therapeutic practices.

By engaging clients on their own terms, Genesis Treatment Solutions meets individuals where they are and creates a programme that takes them to where they need to be.

Genesis Treatment Solutions employs a unique strengths-based approach that assists in building a new person and creating an individual sense of value and worth for every client.


What we offer

Our services


Each client is welcomed by an accredited professional who conducts a detailed psychological assessment to determine the exact treatment programme required to help him/her to recover from addiction.

In-patient Treatment

In order to provide holistic addiction care, our in-patient treatment program incorporates a variety of activities, which include counselling, lectures, sport, hiking and career guidance.

Psychoeducational Training

As one of the industry leaders in addiction care, Genesis Treatment Solutions provides regular lectures for professionals and allied professionals working within the field of addiction care.

Lectures are conducted by industry leaders at no cost. CPD approval for these lectures is currently pending.

Individual counselling

Our therapy and counselling programme approaches clients on an individual level, from the time they arrive to the time they leave and provides continuous support in the months following their treatment.

Based on each patient’s needs, trauma and grief counselling can be included. This can assist the clients in working through the past in order to unlock their futures.

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Substance Abuse Treatment in Cape Town


The Genesis Rehab Programme

What sets us apart

Our English language based programme strives for in-depth and carefully considered individual therapy, based on a strong trauma and grief process, with the end goal always in mind – an extraordinary life free from addiction..

Our individual counselling programme is supported by informative, psychoeducational lectures in order to solidify long term healing. This ensures that all clients have the knowledge they need to understand and overcome their personal challenges.

Genesis Treatment Solutions has a multi-disciplinary, integrative approach to addiction treatment that goes beyond existing models to focus on the development and healing of the whole person.

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Genesis Treatment Solutions

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