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We are a specialized addiction rehab in Cape Town

Located in the leafy suburb of Constantia, Cape Town, South Africa,

We are a specialized addiction rehab in Cape Town. We welcome clients from around the world and enjoy the benefits of the diverse group that this achieves. Our balanced, comprehensive and tailored treatment programme attracts clients who are seeking a new way of understanding themselves and their behaviour, even before they have had the opportunity to explore our facility. The house is of an accordingly high standard. Our grounds offer beautiful views through the lush hills surrounding the premises, with the emphasis on maintaining a therapeutic environment where clients can recover in privacy. With a variety of spaces for groups, individual therapy, quiet reflection and community activities, the Genesis Treatment Solutions facility is a safe, contemporary and engaging environment.

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Cape Town Rehab

We pride ourselves on being the best Cape Town Rehab. Offering addiction.. We treat heroin, tik and meth addiction. Rehab drug abuse about clinic in South Africa.  Only the best care in the following, sex and love addiction. 

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Located in the leafy suburb of Constantia, Cape Town, South Africa, Genesis Treatment Solutions hosts clients in a tranquil, private and secure location. We are located within 20 minutes of the airport, the city center and many fellowship meetings.

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Secure access control with a 24-hour armed response unit ensures that clients and their families can rest assured that safety is one of our primary concerns. Additionally, we also offer 24-hour medical support services. On a programme level staff members work intimately and collaboratively, and clients can feel secure in the team’s ability to support their emotional journey.

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Our team of professionals and support staff includes the counselling team (consisting of a clinical psychologist, a counselling psychologist, a social worker, addiction counsellors and support counsellors), the nursing team and a consultant medical doctor, the chef who provides balanced meals and snacks, recovery assistants, a programme manager, and the team of household and ground support staff.

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There are plenty of rehabs in Cape Town to choose from, but we are the best.

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